09 July, 2012



Ehem, ehem. . . Sakit tekak pulaksss . Hihihi .
Tetiba datang mood nak tulis dalam english *actually baru daftar muet, dah nak grad degree baru terhegeh2 nak ambik. hewhewhew.

Let's Begin . . . . 

I have an interesting story that I would like to share with all the faithful 
followers of this blog in hopes it can bring all of us as well as 
me to review together what we have done with our lives. 

This is a story about a MAN who thought he has GAINED it all but actually . .

This story begins with a man traveling in the woods in search of great powers in order to control the world. When he has reached deep into the forest he stood and shouted to the animals, 

Then an eagle replied to the man, 

 and the man gain the eyesight of an eagle and left the forest. 

Several moments have passed; the man came again into the woods and said, 

Then the lion replied,

 and the man gained the strength and courage of a lion
and left the forest once again. 

Several seasons have passed and the man kept returning to the woods to gain powers from the animals in the forest until all the animals in the forest said to the man,

 yet the man was still in search for more powers.

Understand the story? 
Well nothings easy when you read it for the first time.  

The moral of this story is we will always try to find pleasures in this world to make ourselves happy like for a guy to find as many girlfriends as possible or for a girl who wants to find as many latest fashion clothes as possible, but what we don’t realize is even when we have all the women or clothes in the world, there is still a void in our hearts that neither of those things can fill. 

Instead a man who has only a girl of his dreams 
 who is waiting with patience for him to marry her 


A woman who wears the same clothes everyday 
but still loved by her husband and children 
can feel that they are the happiest person in the world.

You know why?

Because we are made from a soul and a body. People today tend to use the soul to feed the pleasures of their body such as buying jewelery or a new car. When what we really should do is use the body to feed our soul such as a sincere love to a person or the care we give to our parents when they are no longer able to take care of themselves.

Only then we will feel true happiness 
 Is nothing in this world could ever provide….

Lastly, appreciate "them" before its too late.


zulhilmi tempoyak said...

hard to find it.. :D

Zamani said...

betul2.. good post,hehe.. nice.. :)

Maisarah Azmi said...

wow.. nice entry

chot ok..! said...

fuyoo,kalau la haiwan2 blh berckp kn??hjahaha

Secrets of A Teenage Girl said...

Aah, betul 2.. kalau lah haiwan2 ni boleh ckp mesti excited.. hehe ;)

nice story btw..