26 September, 2011

Are you the one ?

Hai readers . 
Semenjak bukak sem ni, dah jarang nak update entri. konon busy
Actually, banyak entri telah di drafkan, sebab buntu di tengah jalan. hehehe
On my way nak buat assignment, i found this entry on my laptop.
So, Enjoy reading

Are you the one?

Most of us during our lives have faced break offs before. Maybe once, twice or many more. Some of them, devastating. While others, just another one bites the dust. But god created us with feelings that can never be explained by the human brain.

 There is always a reason for a certain event to happen in life including breakups. So it is sad to hear that some people want to die after a breakup like it is the end of the world. Dude, life is too short anyway…… No need to kill yourself…….

Break ups after several weeks usually lead to two possibilities:
  “I’m so glad that it’s all over. Now I can move on”
  “I made a huge mistake, I can’t forget him/her, I want him/her back”.

So where do you think your position is? Are you the one?  I’ll let you answer that for yourselves.

 There are many reasons why a guy wants a girlfriend:
  Love life
  Just for fun

Nowadays, guys like to do this thing where they have a certain gf but puts on a lot of scandals. See the scandals are for the guys to gain experience while their gf will become their future wife to be. Pretty cool huh? Maybe….haha… but don’t forget their good looks and charms..

This method can lead to heart breaks to several girls out there. Are you the one? These girls are so hurt until they feel like:
Gotta change that calendar I have,
Because since theres no more you,
Theres no more anniversary,
I’m so fed up with my thoughts of you,
and your memories,
and all the things that used to be…..

sad huh… but as I said..everything has a silver lining..breakups is just another word that he /she is not meant for you…there is someone for everyone… it may not be now, but it will come…never lose hope…For guys who are not so blessed with good looks and charms, here’s a tip. You find your only one, hold on to her and never let go… simple yet effective..

For me, I already found my only one… I still don’t believe it… but I’m glad, happy and grateful…why? Because we both have similarity and differences…what we both share in common is we both experienced breakups before..Both thinking will we ever find the one again. But god is great, and fate brought us together…. But we also have a huge difference… because she is like the perfect girl…. like a 10, a hard 10… and me…? Well you can say a 4, 5 at best… and what makes her all worth it? It’s not just about the way she looks although she is “TALL” and “SLIM”, but also the way she brings herself as a good person. And the way she cares about you making you wanna go an extra mile in your life…and I have the privilege to be with her and make her happy..it is truly a blessing..

Are you the one as well? I hope so….
Because if you are then there is a person waiting for you as well out there..
So to my only one:
Hei little cara,
Wow you’re a stunner,
Hot little figure,
yes you’re a winner,
I‘m so glad that your mine,
you are one of a kind,
 who little cutie,
 when you talk to me,
 I swear the whole world stops,
 you’re my sweetheart and,
 you mean to me,
 what I mean you when,
 together baby,
 there is nothing we cannot do…

by : my caro .
thanks for reading .